GREGORY WRIGHT was wrongfully executed on October 30th 2008
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With undiminished Love and Respect, your Friends and Family remember the Man you were Greg - thoughtful, generous and loving in spite of everything that was thrown at you by that unjust and wrongful charge. You remained true to yourself throughout, and proved your honesty and innocence beyond all reasonable doubt. The legal process conducted against you had, in the end, little respect for the Law, but was a self-serving process of denial of justice and truth. It is to the eternal shame of prosecutors and judges that an innocent man was made to suffer so much and his life extinguished.
Today, and every day, we remember - but above all, we remember YOU with much love  and affection.  Peter

November 1st 1965 - October 30th 2008

 Tributes to Greg's life from Connie and his friends

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Oct 30th 2015


No matter how many years have passed my love my longing for you has not faded. I hope you are truly dancing in Heaven ......... 

I love and miss you with all my heart Big Guy. {{{{{Big Hug}}}}} and much love,


Oct 30th 2014

They say time heals all wounds...I say time allows you to put a bandaid on the hurt so you are able to go on with life. Every now and then that bandaid comes loose and the hurt spills out......my bandaid came loose during the night last night and the memories are in the forefront of my thoughts today. My life has gone forward but I'll never forget nor will I ever lose the thankfulness I have for the very special time we had together.
Rest In Peace Tony I love you....11/1/63 ~ 10/30/08  - Connie 


Hello my friend, the years pass, six now, but you are never far from my thoughts. We shared some confidences you and I in those closing minutes while we waited together for the call that never came. I want to tell you that your prayers have been answered and you can rest easy. Your generosity in life was a beacon to us all, and in death there it remains, shining brightly. I lit a candle today as I know others will as well, in fond remembrance. Rest in peace my brother. God knows, you deserve that.


Oct 30th 2013

From your loving wife,

It's been five years now since you were able to spread your wings and fly my dearest Greg....I know you stand in the light of God's amazing grace and you have no pain nor shed any tears....that is what sustains me, otherwise the pain of your loss would've enveloped me long ago.

You always worried about how I'd be after you were gone...you made me promise to be strong....you tried so hard to discourage and push me away so I wouldn't feel any of this pain but being the hard headed woman that I am I hitched up my bootstraps and hung on for the ride. I don't regret that Greg because I believed in you and my belief has never wavered. Your life was cut short way too early just as dear Mrs. Vick's was and I will grieve for you both as long as I live.

You were such a strong person and in the end you forgave your accuser as I so hoped you would do; your forgiveness was met with more lies and evil self preservation yet you remained the better person and met your death like the man I knew you to be.....you remained forgiving and you held your head high.

I was so proud of you that horrible day Greg and I learned months later that you were indeed the man I always knew you to be. I was so disillusioned....so lost....I had so many questions....I wanted to know so I picked up the phone and I started asking and I got my answers. You remained the gentle, loving soul I knew you to be until the very end....you expressed worry for every one but yourself....you even worried about the members of the tie down team that were there to strap you to that gurney in preparation for your murder....you looked each and every one of them in the eye and told them you held nothing against them for having to do their job. You remained the better person until the very end.

I hope someday I can get too a place where I can say that you'd be proud of me but for now I just don't see that happening because I remain just as heartbroken and angry as I was 5 years ago; I admire your courage, your strength, your ability to forgive and pray I can one day do the same as you did in the end.

You were my best friend....my husband...my soulmate....I loved you then.....I love you now.....I'll love you always.

Until next time my love.......

All my love forever,


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My Beloved Tony.....God loves you very much and has put His hand on you for something special  - Psalms 91 -  ".....No evil shall befall you....for He shall give His angels charge over you....in their hands they shall bear you up...."  I love you and miss you with my entire being.......your wife in life and in death.....Connie

My Beloved Son,
It has taken so long to write this tribute for several reasons, first it tears my heart out to have to say good-bye; second, I wanted to put "you" into words not my grief; third, I was trying to pay a tribute that would "do justice" to your memory because you got "no justice" on earth. I pray I have finally found the words to show the man you were and the man you could have been if you had been given the chance.

I know I did not give birth to you; however, I could not have loved you more if I had. For nine years we studied the Bible together, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we shared secrets and, yes, we had "arguments"! You were a perfectionist and you did not like to be told you were wrong; therefore, anytime I marked one of you Bible answers wrong (there were very few) I knew I would have weeks of "Bible searching" to convince you that you had made a mistake. After the lengthy study, you would concede your mistake. OH, I might add, some of the "lengthy studies" proved I was wrong!! I can still see your mischievous grin when I had to admit to you that I was wrong. This is why I say, "My, years of studying with you taught me more about the Bible than I had ever known."

I learned enough about you and your early life to know that you were not a "murderer" and never could have been. You were put in a "life situation" at a very young age that would lead you to make very bad choices in your young life and eventually lead to the situation that ended your life. However, you never lost your trusting, kind heart which led to another betrayal by a friend, which led to your death.

There is one thing I can treasure in my heart of memories of you, and that is the happiness you had the last two years of your life. I will always have a vivid memory of the difference in your manner and even your looks after you met the "Love of your Life." I never planned to have my daughter fall in love with you because of the circumstances you were in; it could cause her so much pain. She heard me speak of you for years and just wanted to be your friend. When the two of you decided to get married, I was not happy; however, the first time I went to visit you with her, I was convinced anything that could bring that much happiness to the two of you could not be wrong. While you always had a good sense of humor and smiled with me, I always saw pain and anger in you eyes. After Connie came into your life, this was gone. I might add, I had never seen my daughter love anything or anybody as she does you. This I know, you left us knowing you were dearly loved and respected.

I have a vivid picture of the last time I saw you and it would never leave my mind. You were standing in that little "visiting" booth waiting while Misty and I walked out. You filled the whole window glass on the booth; so Big, so Brave and so Beautiful. Your Big Blue eyes were full of tears and saying, "Momma, Help me!" I tried but I could not help.

I will see you in Paradise, I love you very much,
Mom #3

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For my Pops... 

Here I sit
And still I cry
Wondering why
You had to die

On October 30th
Your life was taken
A family left behind
All our hearts still breaking

Justice unserved
A book left wide open
Blood now on their hands
The true Murderers

An innocent man
Sat before us all
How could they not see?
The truth right in front of their faces

Still we resent
The void left unfilled
Missing you so much
Since the evening you were killed

Now in a place
Smiling, laughing, and watching over us
No more anger or hurt in your world
Until we meet again…

You are such an inspiration. You left this world peacefully, and with
only kind words to say. Through so much hurt, hate, and wrong-doing, you
stayed strong and positive, until the bitter end. When we were so lost
and ready to give up, you lifted our spirits and showed us the way back
to believing.

Yes, I am angry. Yes, I resent. But I forgive, because it is what you
would want me to do. The ones who wronged you… yes, they put you where
you are now, but through it all… I am thankful to them. For the fact
that you are no longer surrounded by the ugliness and bitter world that
you were entrapped in. I wish you could’ve come home, and lived with all
who love you so much, but I am grateful that you are no longer hurting.
Instead, you are looking down at us, throwing your head back, laughing
so hard every time we all laugh… you are looking at us crooked when we
still cry… you are smiling, and you are at peace… Finally.

I love you so much, Pops. I always will... and I will never forget. You,
and what you brought into my life, and my heart, will be with me for the
remainder of my days. You have truly changed me, and the way I feel
about so much.

Your Grand-daughter, Mia, will be born soon, and I promise to raise her
with the love and honesty that you have inspired so many to give. I am
only sorry that you won't be able to meet her, and her you, but I know
that you will look over her too.

I don't know how to close, because I refuse to say "Good-Bye". I suppose
I will close with the way we last saw each other... (My hand is touching
yours) ... I love you... I will see you soon.

All My Love...

Hello My Love,
It's been a month now, a horrible, long month since I've seen your smile or heard your laughter; a horrible month since I stood and watched as life left your beautiful blue eyes. It's been a month since I held you in my arms and kissed your sweet lips and then helped prepare you for burial all in the same night; it's been a month since my heart was ripped open never to be the same again. I brought you home, I talked to you, I slept in the same room with you then I had to let you go...... 
In this month that's passed I've missed you and I've cried but I've remained strong as I promised you I would; I've gone back to work, I've started to get the house back in order, and I began doing the hardest thing of all today.......I started to pack your property away. When I opened that first bag almost immediately I found your hair brushes and combs and  could still smell the scent of your hair just as I remembered it from that night a month ago when I held you in my arms.
Somehow I know you're having a good laugh and shaking your head in disbelief at the fact that I'm drinking your coffee all the while thinking that commissary coffee isn't as bad as I thought it would be! I know you so well and if you could talk to me you'd be saying, "That doesn't say much for the quality of the instant coffee you've drank in your lifetime Connie!" and I see you in my mind throwing your head back the way you'd do when I made you laugh really hard.
Oh Tony.......I miss so you so much that my heart physically aches.........I never thought I'd have to let you go, I knew possibly losing you was a part of our reality but I never fathomed it would happen the way that it did. I'm having trouble sleeping because as I begin to drift off the awful reality of what happened to you hits me just like it did that dreadful evening a month ago and I begin to cry from hurt, anger, and from shear disbelief. As the tears flow I find comfort in the very secure knowledge that as your eyes closed to this world they were re-opened to the wondrous sight of Glory......they were re-opened in the presence of our Father and never again will you suffer........
You promised me you'd always be near watching over me and if there was any way to let me know you were with me that you would.......and you did Tony; I never dreamed it possible but you did and I thank you for that.
Thank you for bringing out a part of me that I never realized existed. Thank you for the smiles and laughter, for making me your wife, but most of all thank you for being you and for loving me.
Rest in peace my wonderful husband.......we didn't say goodbye in our last spoken words to one another and this is not goodbye...........until we meet again.........

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It doesn’t matter to them.
The only thing that matters.

Is irrelevant.
They couldn’t care less.

They cannot see.
They will not see.

But we can see.

You were innocent!

(Written, after hearing of Greg's death, by Ine, a Norwegian student)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Connie and the rest of Greg Wright's family; we are deeply sorry for your loss.

We want the family to know that there are people (like us) who believed in Greg, and believed in his innocence. We really did try to make a difference for him, but it seems our screams, chants, letters, e-mails, protests, marches and phone calls fell on deaf ears. We wish that there was something more that we could do.

Of course we are very sad and very disappointed, but this has really made us all mad! We do not understand how people can be so hateful, and so blind. We have got to find a way to make them hear us!!!! We have to find a way to end this evil and outdated form of punishment.

If anybody has any thoughts or ideas of things we can do to help, please feel free to send us an e-mail; we are willing to try just about anything! We can't give up now; we have got to fight harder! Greg will not be forgotten!
Kids Against the Death Penalty


I am from Flemingsburg, KY and I went to school with Tony (what he was called when we went to school) I graduated in 1982.  He was a super nice person to be around and I was in the prayer group with him also.  He was a great athlete and a great person.  I knew he moved away and I didn't realize anything was going on with him until I seen the article in our local newspaper about his death (so sad).   I have read alot of the articles and the information on his web site and I feel he was definitely railroaded, and was not given a fair chance.  Please except my deepest sympathy to his and your families.  God Bless!
G, Flemingsburg, KY

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Greg (Tony) No.42 - Football action shot

Hi sweetest, kindest, dearest, cleverest, finest, nicest, funniest, greatest, tallest, biggest, loveliest, coolest, sincerest, smartest, and BESTEST Greg ever :) Remember how we used to compete for the best adjectives? However, this one you never forgot, “the bestest”; we simply invented a new adjective, appropriate for our true friendship that started back in 2000. I am sure you are with us somehow and will be laughing out loud reading this. You and I were indeed bestest friends and I am happy to tell you that I kept my promise...I took Connie back to Norway
The school had a memorial for you the 31 October with the wedding picture of you two, they lit candles, and they played Amazing Grace for you. You were in everybody’s minds and hearts, as you have been for so long. That will never change sweet Greg.  I am so glad I went to be with you the final days of your life, and though I am heartbroken I am also so proud of you for keeping your cool, being honest and truthful to the last, and though it hurt beyond words watching them kill you, I was filled with an immense sense of pride....you told the truth, you remained strong until the very end, and we watched you die with no pain, with dignity, at peace with your God and with the loving eyes of your beloved Connie as the last thing you saw. We were strong as you asked us to be, and you are no doubt proud of all of us as we were of you.
Greg, like you wrote to me in your last letter that Thursday morning....this is NOT goodbye....until then....I will continue to fight against the horrors of the DP, I will give lectures like always, I will do what I can to expose the corruption of the justice system.  The days are over when we keep a low profile....
I will never ever forget our true friendship, you are forever in my heart, my kids’ hearts, and all my students’. You are deeply loved and will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. I send you all my unconditional love and cheek kisses as usual :) Love ya big guy, mucho more than mucho most :)
Your bestest friend, Bente :)

Full tribute letter to Greg here

I am one of Bente's students, and Greg was my penpal for several years.
Greg  supported me, gave great advice, was kind, charming-a true hero and a true gentleman. I will always love him! I will never forget about him
His letters are for all time, kept close to my heart; I have each and every one he has ever sent me. His letters will be missed!
And Connie; I am so sorry for your loss. And I am sorry I didn't get the chance to see u, when you came to Stjoerdal.
But know, you will always be in my prayers. I finish this, as Greg always finished his letters to me.
BIG HUG! Synnoeve Lein

I'm from Flemingsburg, Kentucky. I want to say I am very very sorry that this tragedy has happened. Tony and I was best of friends in the early 80's, we were like two brothers, where he would be I'd be there also it seemed. He used to come to my house many many weekends and even the summer to spend the night and hangout like brothers. I am very sad today to hear this aweful news. We lost contact around 1983 and just seemed as if he was to be in another place rather than Fleming County at the time. A good Friend of Tony and mine, Randy, came to my house today to inform me of this. I was in total shock for abit, to even try to come to terms with this news. I feel like a part of me has gone now, I am so sorry for his whole family and Connie my prayers go out to all of ya.
Greg (Tony) - a sports star at school

Happy belated birthday my friend. I waited to send your card on the premise that you would read it and share the compliment. For that I am truly sorry that this is the birthday greeting I instead now offer. I know you died a happier man than you lived, but for that price I'm ashamed to be part of the inhuman race. Without the capital, Texas hands the punishment. In peace. In friendship. In love.
A Friend

Our hearts are broken for the injustice meted out to Greg. We fail to see how God-fearing people could not listen to an innocent man and investigate the matter further. We fail to see how the doubt in his involvement could not cause them to hold back in murdering him.
Greg, you are truly free now. Know that we will not give up the fight in proving that innocent people are being murdered by an unjust legal system.
Rest, dear Friend. You had a hard life. God will not be your judge, because you were innocent.
Dr. Thinus Coetzee PhD, D.C.Ed
on behalf of the Alumni of
Trinity Institute of Christian Counseling
Africa Campus
South Africa

Dear Greg, 
I'm so sad!
You will be in my heart forever.
Stay close to your Sweet Connie and to your family.
You are FREE now, you are with GOD.
You will be in my thoughts and in my prayers.
I will pray for you, dear Connie. You are not alone.
Your BELOVED GREG is with you and will be with you every day.
R.I.P. dear Greg.
God bless you. God bless Connie and your family.
With Christian Love (as you wrote in your letter you sent me),

My heart and soul are full of tears. Everythings is so unfair. Greg, there in the Light, smile to your wonderful wife and hold her hands. Connie, sweet friend, get all the love and respect from my husband and me. I have not the right words, I'm so sorry.
Rest in peace, Greg, dear Angel.
Mucho amor,


Greg was a proud and intelligent man. He was blessed with a sense of loyalty and personal code of ethics that most of us respect as worthy traits, and would wish in ourselves. More than that, he was warm, generous,  a true American. His life has been cruelly and unforgivably ended by the lies and more of others who were charged under the Constitution with his care and protection. I will remember Greg as a brother, for our friendship and mutual respect ran that deep. His loss to us is so hard, but we will remember him with genuine love and affection. Those responsible should hang their heads in shame, for Greg was innocent of the charges made against him. And in the end, he proved it. Today, Greg is at peace, free of his tormentors. His gift of friendship and love to those who knew him is treasured more than we can describe. God bless you Greg for being the Man you were.


We used to write
We used to talk
We used to laugh,
We used to dream.
We shared so much, we were best of friends,
I knew that’s how it would always be.

You showed me right,
You showed me wrong,
You showed me strength,
You showed me love.
We shared so much, we were best of friends,
I knew that’s how it would always be.

We’ll meet one day, it won’t be long,
I'll see your face and shake your hand,
With family and friends we'll be company again,
In Heaven that marvelous day.
We shared so much, we were best of friends,
I knew that’s how it would always be.

Peter, your friend and supporters coordinator

I have been Greg's penfriend for 10 years. I feel honoured to of been able to call him my big brother and friend. Over the years I came to know Greg as loving, kind, considerate and able to make me laugh when I was going through hard times. He never forgot my 4 kids birthdays, sending cards, pictures and presents through his dear wife, Connie. Even when I spoke to him 4 hours before his execution he was so sorry that he hadn't replied to the childrens recent letters, that's how he was, thinking of others before himself. Our thoughts are with Connie, his family and everyone who knew Greg. We will miss him so much. May he rest in peace.

My name is Roseanna McGuckian and I am eleven years old. My mum has been writing to Gregory Edward Wright since I was born. When I was younger Gregory would send me drawings of cartoon characters, my playroom was full of them. As I have grown up I have come to know Gregory as kind, thoughtful and always interested in what I am doing, I regard him as an uncle. As Gregory knew that I am a keen sports person, this year for my birthday he sent me a lovely sports bag. I used it the same day I received it for my tennis match which I won. I have two brothers and one sister who love Gregory as much as I do. We don't think it is fair or right that he was executed. We really wanted to get to know him better and have the chance to meet him.


I feel so privileged to have been your
penpal for ten years. Your love,
kindness and concern for others was an
example to us all. I miss your letters and
friendship. from my children Roseanna,
Louis, Alex and Etain, thank you for
being their friend and for all the artwork
you sent them. Your memory lives on in
our home. We know we will meet you in
heaven where you are now, free and at

With love, Jenny (Easter 2009)

I would just like to say how very sorry I am that Greg is no longer with us, but I take great comfort knowing and believing that he is home with Jesus. Knowing Greg and the kind of person he was, he is probably praying that the people who administered “Justice” over his life will find true love of God in their hearts someday. It must be awful not to know Gods love. Greg lived in Gods love and if we all tried to be even a little more like him, how much more beautiful would this world be. Be strong Connie you are in my prayers.


Tony as we knew him growing up was a kind and gentle soul. As part of his extended family, my heart goes out to you.  God Bless you for loving him.

Greg’s letters to me revealed an articulate man who takes pride in his intelligence, in high school sports achievements and in the 2007 award of a Legal Assistant/Paralegal Certificate from the Blackstone Career Institute where he attained a student average of 97 percent.  He has been unfailingly courteous, respectful, and appreciative of any help I have offered, always reluctant to make a request. The mind that has been revealed to me is not the mind of a murderer.  I have seen no evidence of hate or manipulation or deceit.  I saw a man who was doing everything he knew to do, just to live and to clear his name. An innocent man has been deprived of his life


So sorry to hear about this.  I went to Fleming County High School in Kentucky with (Tony) Greg Wright.  I played Baseball with him for two years (1981 & 1982) and thought a whole lot of him.  Tony was a great athlete in Football as well.  I didn't know what had happened to Tony or where he was after his sophmore year at the school.  His family relocated and never heard from him again.  This is very disturbing to learn after knowing what type of a person Tony was as a young man.  I pray that Tony was a god fearing person and will continue to pray for you Connie..God bless you.  (Was He know only as Greg in his adult years?  I was looking through our high school yearbooks and in every photo of him his name is listed just as everyone knew him.  Tony.  God be with you Tony.  
Your Friend, Chopper.


Panthers Go to State

After playing excellently in the regional tournament this year, the Fleming Co. High School Baseball team advanced to the state tournament! The tournament was played in Shelby County. The Panthers were to play Madison Central team with a 36-0 record!

The regional tournament was held May 11, 12 and 13 at Walton-Verona. In the Panthers’ first game , they defeated Carroll County 8-5. Blake Jamison tossed the win with Jimmy Overbey getting the save. Mike Ishmael and Chopper Pollock brought in the runs.

Grant County was defeated by our Panthers 2-1 in the second game. Jimmy Overbey went ? innings for the win, the save going to Chopper Pollock. In that game, Tony Wright had a 2-run single winning hit.

The championship game was played against Walton-Verona, with the Panthers being victorious, 12-6. In the first inning, the Panthers secured 6 runs before an out was ever made! The Panthers were really fired up with a total of 17 hits in the game. Chopper Pollock took the win.

Three team members were chosen for the All Regional Team. They are Mike Ishmael, Chopper Pollock and Tony Wright. Congratulations!
Extract from Fleming County High School Yearbook (apologies for any minor errors of reading text-over-graphic)


I went to school with Gregory Wright in Flemingsburg, Ky. We knew him as Tony Wright. He was a freshman when I was a senior. Tony was an excellent football player. I wasn't aware he was in this predicament until this evening when a mutual friend of ours called me and told me about it.
As I write this, I've learned Tony is dead. Words cannot explain how numb I feel. I lost contact with Tony a long time ago but he always stood out in my memory.

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Greg (Tony) - a class officer, Sgt.-at-Arms, in his Sophomore year

I feel very privileged to have known Greg since 1998.  I have found him to be a most considerate person and one who has used his time in prison to help others in any way that he can.  He is one of the most respected inmates on death row in Texas and many times has considerably helped new intake prisoners to settle into their new, and often understandably worrying, post-conviction environment. It cannot be justified or ethical in any way whatsoever to execute someone while so many  questions of doubt remain.

Gregory was my pen pal for several years - I got his first letter in 2004. I also had the opportunity to visit him several times. I got to know him as a person who is honest and caring, with a sense of humor and also with seriousness. I valued his friendship very much.

I have been writing to Gregory Wright for a number of years now and he was a very decent person. He was a Christian who took his religion seriously, was a good man, a devoted husband and loyal son. His family were everything to him.
Greg (Tony) - as a freshman - a member of the school Prayer Group
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Over the last few days my heart has broken over and over to witness the pain the state of Texas has inflicted on my precious friend Connie, on her mother and step father, her grandchildren and children, and on Greg's father and step mother, on Peter and on Greg's bestest friend Bente...  I feel honoured to have known through my husband and through you,  this wonderful man.  That his freedom had to be realized only through his death and the grief of his loved ones is something that I will never comprehend...  Tony and I love you all dearly and treasure your presence in our lives...
Rachael and Tony Ford

I am never surprised by the horrible Justice System we have in America.  I am, however, very saddened to see that Greg's case ended in this manner.  Greg will forever be in the hearts and minds of Americans who seek justice, and who realize that diligence will one day bring some sort of closure.  Until that day comes, Greg and his entire family are in my prayers.  God Bless!
Debbie Murphree

What a sad day it is around the world.    A good man was taken away from us today.  Getting into the why's and how's is not important now.   I did not know Greg, I have a loved one in the same situation.  Finding Greg's website made me feel like I was not alone.  Today I feel angry.  INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, I thought that's what the USA stands for, but I guess I was wrong.
Greg:   Rest in peace.  Laugh with God and look over your loved ones.   I know you are probably in heaven looking down, amazed at all the people that loved you and prayed for you.  You will be truly missed, that I am certain of.  God Bless You, and Dont worry, The truth will come out one day.
Connie:   I called you the day after Greg's passing on the phone.  You told me that he is in peace now.    You are right.  He is in peace.   I hope the best for you.  You are an inspiration to me and all women who stand by their loved ones in times of  sorrow and hurt and all the hard times when you want to give up.   I looked at the website of you and Greg and I saw true love and respect.  I hope I am half as strong as you have been through this whole ordeal.    
They say that everyone has a guardian angel, I feel you were Gregs and Greg was yours.  With Love and Respect,
Debra Vincenty/Portland Oregon

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I think it was injustice when they executed Greg. I know he was innocent. It’s hard for me to comprehend that he’s not here. He was a good friend. The last time I saw him was at a visit. It was a moment I won’t forget. He sounded strong spiritually. It’s not easy facing a situation as he was. I have a watch he gave me to remember him by. He always shared his food with me. He had the heart to share what he had with those less fortunate. He also shared the word of God with me, gave me legal advice and gave me a book that helped me understand the legal process and appeal with more understanding. Good friends you never forget. It was a pleasure writing you.
(name given)

Dear Greg (I am sure you'll can read this mail from heaven), Connie, family and friends,
At first, apologizes me because my english is very bad. I'll do my best in order you can feel my support , love and solidarity. I am still  shocked . I can't understand anything that have happened. I only feel pain and sorrow. Yesterday I spent the last moments praying to God but not only for you Greg, but for yours murderers as well. I reject the dead penalty in all cases, but in yours .... is simply a monstrosity .
 You are a innocent man . I ask to your family that keeps strong, and united in order to prove your innocence and clean your memory. We must continue the fight .... Please Greg, do your work and help us . Talk to "the boss"(God) that help us to correct this injustice.  If we are able to put the  things in the correct place, it would be great not only for you but for the rest of the state, the justice, the USA and the whole of humanity.
 I am european, I am proud about it . I live in an old country in an old continent. There is not death penalty in any European Union country. Our society rejects this barbarian practice. I consider that it's a question of experience as old country, mental and cultural evolution of the society .
 Greg, I know you are in a better place. Some day we'll celebrate together our victory.
 Love from, JESUS PEREZ ARCA, Spain

Dear Greg, The justice of Texas did not listen to you. They executed you on Thursday, October 30th, 2008.
Wherever you are, know that we shall continue your fight for the truth, for your rehabilitation.
Your murderers cannot sleep after what they did to you.
For Connie and all your family your murder will not remain unpunished.
We are with you Always Your fight became my fight today.
Greg, with you for ever, in my heart and my thoughts.
Valérie Tahiri

Dear Connie, we do not know each other, but nevertheless, thanks to Bernie and Olga I feel like an old friend. You entered my house by the back door and have never left it. I lived with Olga and other friends that ultimate moment where you lost your love. Yes Connie, I know you've felt that we were all there at your side for a last goodbye to Greg, who I am sure is now amongst friends in a good and holy place. I salute you for your courage; for having the strength to return to your husband your smiling image that is forever etched in his soul. You have my utmost respect - many men could take lessons of bravery from you. What you did for Greg was an heroic act. Connie, I carry you in my heart forever, and when I am tired, when my problems appear insurmountable, I will think of you, and through you I will have the courage to face them. Tonight, I pledge to you that I stand alongside our dear friends Bernie and Olga, as I am proud to know you Connie. We will not abandon you. Very fondly. Kheira (France)

I send all my love and compassion to Connie. An innocent human being has been murdered by the government of Texas.  I did know Greg only from the articles and photos on the Net, via Bernard Posso.  I am upset and deeply saddened by his death.  He is now in the world of light. We contine our fight for freedom, justice and love.
Sincerely Mourrtii

 Greg, they put chains on you, but you are now free! You were cruelly imprisoned, but you studied the Bible and the Law. You found loyal support and respect beyond the walls of your confinement. You found love for and from Connie. You are innocent and you are free! These things your persecutors could not kill. Finally they took your life but not your honor and your courage. Your spirit will always be in the hearts of the men and woman who remember and loved you .......
Bernard-Blaise Posso, committee of supporters in France

Bernard Olga and Valerie

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Play for Greg

We thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new,
We thought about you yesterday
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence
We often speak your name,
Now all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.
Some may think you are forgotten
Though on earth you are no more,
But in our memory you are with us
As you always were before.
A million times we've thought of you
A million times we've cried,
If loving could have saved you
You would have never died.
You left us beautiful memories
Your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you
You are always at our side.
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
Part of us went with you
On the day God called you home.
Forgive me Lord, I'll always weep
For the best friend I loved, but could not keep.

Greg's Last Statement

There has been a lot of confusion on who done this. I know you all want closure. Donna had her Christianity intact when she died. She never went to a drug house. John Adams lied. He went to the police and told them a story. He made deals and sold stuff to keep from going to prison. I left the house, and I left him there. My only act or involvement was not telling on him. John Adams is the one that killed Donna Vick. I took a polygraph and passed. John Adams never volunteered to take one. I have done everything in my power. Donna Vick helped me; she took me off the street. I was a truck driver; my CDL was still active. Donna gave me everything I could ask for. I helped her around the yard. I helped her around the house. She asked if there were anyone else to help. I am a Christian myself, so I told her about John Adam. We picked him up at a dope house. I did not know he was a career criminal. When we got to the house he was jonesin for drugs. He has to go to Dallas. I was in the bathroom when he attacked. I am deaf in one ear and I thought the T.V. was up too loud. I ran in to the bedroom. By the time I came in, when I tried to help her, with first aid, it was too late. The veins were cut on her throat. He stabbed her in her heart, and that's what killed her. I told John Adams, "turn yourself in or hit the high road." I owed him a favor because he pulled someone off my back. I was in a fight downtown. Two or three days later he turned on me. I have done everything to prove my innocence. Before you is an innocent man. I love my family. I'll be waiting on ya'll. I'm finished talking.
Gregory (Tony) Wright, Oct. 30th 2008

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